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Welcometo the idyllic grounds of the 200 year old Kärsälä farm, now run by Piritta Kämi, the seventh generation of the original family to live and work here. In the grounds of Kärsälä's Rose Farm (or Ruusutila in Finnish) you can find around 250 seperate rose species each prettier and sweeter than the previous one and around 130 seperate herbs species, many used in traditional recipes or with medicinal properties. The following introduction will guide you around the different parts of our garden.

Rosarium, is the unique, old fashioned rose garden of the romantic style, where you can walk through rose arches to find secret sitting corners surrounded by blossoming roses. Rosarium
Ruusupuisto Rose Park. Wander among the Alba, Damascus and Centifolia rose bushes and take a seat in the Rose Pavilion. Become enchanted by the colours and fragrances of this wonderful park.

Pimpinella Rose Park, is at its best during the weeks following midsummer. In the park you can find the full colour range of the Pimpinella roses from white to pink and yellow to lilac. Explore the fragrances of over 50 species.

Yrttitarha Herb Garden, offers a fascinating range of fragrances and tastes. The Herb garden reminds us of a Cloisters Herbarium from the Middle Ages. Now with around 130 ancient and exotic herbs which Cloisters and Mansion houses have brought to Finland.
First Sunrays Pavilion. Between the barley fields and the spruce forest lies an oriental and exotic pavilion Ensimmäisen auringonsäteen paviljonki
Rose boutique; with arts and crafts and rose related souvenirs available, you too can take some of the colour and fragrance of a rose garden home with you. Or feel free to relax with a tea or coffee and a home made bun or cool down with an ice cream.